Feeling stressed? Why this garden theme makes people feel more relaxed at home right now.

Stress levels of Australians are rising. There is increasing evidence that exposure to nature and gardening is beneficial to an individual’s health and well being.

We have put together a blog about why this theme of garden design makes people feel more relaxed at home right now.

Why people feel stressed

Australians are reporting that they are feeling more stressed than ever.

A survey conducted by Medibank in 2017 found that just under five million Australians are suffering from stress, that is about 20% of our population, nearly a third of Australia [1]. 

The survey found that lack of sleep, social media, the pressure of work, and global political climate contributed to Australians feeling stressed.

This survey was conducted in 2017 and it does not take into account the impacts of 2020.  We can only assume it has risen. 

garden design theme and landscape ideas that makes people feel relaxed
The importance of gardens

Gardens are important to improve people’s health and well being as they provide the perfect opportunity for an individual to connect with nature. 

Humans have a genetic connection to the natural world. There is increasing evidence that exposure to nature, plants and gardening is beneficial to a person’s stress levels, mental health and physical health [2].

Gardening combines physical activity, social interactions, exposure to nature and exposure to sunlight [2].  In the building industry, Biophilic Design is being implemented to increase occupant connectivity to nature through the use of contact with natural features (such as plants), images or representations of nature (such as paintings) and experience of spatial relationships (such as a sense of place).

garden design theme and landscape ideas that make people feel relaxed
The most relaxing garden theme

All garden themes for your landscape design can help to relax you at home.

Gardening within your themed garden or community farm can help improve your health and well being.

People choose garden themes that they have a connection or identity with, everyone will have a unique garden theme that they will feel most relaxed with.

People who like less order and structure can feel more relaxed in a romantic rambling cottage garden.

Individuals who prefer order and structure can feel more relaxed in a formal garden.

I find with my clients that they feel most relaxed in the garden theme that they like to holiday in.  This allows them to reminisce about their favourite holiday memories.

Some people love Mediterranean themes and others love tropical designs.

My advice is to choose a garden design theme of the location of your favourite holiday.

Except for Antarctica, don’t pick that one! That would be tricky to do in Queensland!

garden design theme and landscape ideas that make people feel relaxed
garden theme and landscape ideas that people find that they can relax
Added extras to help you relax in the garden

Once you pick your garden theme for your landscape design to relax within it is time to place the finishing touches. 

These finishing touches can help you get the most out of your relaxation experience.


  • Comfortable seating.  My tip: Go to your furniture store and test sitting in the furniture before you purchase it so you know it is comfortable for you to sit in.
  • Outdoor candles to create a mood. My tip: include some mozzie repelling ones for summer.
  • Firepit. Fire is a fantastic social gathering space and the noise and warmth is very calming. My tip: Check your local council rules before placing one at home.
  • Plant textures and colours. My tip: Select plants of a variety of textures and colours to create interest in your garden.
garden design theme and landscape ideas that people find they can relax in
Creating your landscape design

Do you need help with landscaping ideas to create a garden that you can relax in at home? Contact us and we can help you on this journey and help you choose a garden theme that you can relax in.