Toowoomba Healing Garden

Master plan for an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Garden healing garden within the Mount Lofty Nursing Home grounds.

Healing Garden


Porter Designs and Zen Landscaping Queensland designed with the elders and the Darling Downs Hospital & Health Service to create a masterplan for Toowomba’s first Indigenous Garden.

The design began by a fun workshop with the stakeholders and the elders.  The garden is located within the Mount Lofty Nursing Home and will also be used as a healing garden for the residents. 

There are many native plants that will be used to educate people about bush tucker and how plants were used by the indigenous  people. 

Throughout the garden will be beautiful displays of local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art.  The garden creates a unique healing garden with an indigenous cultural influence that will aid in closing the gap.

The design was presented to the Mount Lofty Nursing Home residents, elders, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander groups, Queensland Health and the Mayor of Toowoomba. 

The masterplan was displayed at the Darling Downs Hospital & Health Service 10 year anniversary of Kevin Rudd’s apology event.

Concept Plan

Design Workshop

Design Perspective

Design Perspective

Design Perspective

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