Need Ideas? These are the best landscape design ideas for the backyard right now.

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Author: Minuca Elena of the blog and Eva Porter who contributed to the article

One of the advantages of owning a house is that you have a backyard that you can arrange as you like. You can transform your yard into a cosy space where you can relax, you can create an area to barbecue with friends, or you can build out a pool for the kids.  What are the best landscape design ideas for the backyard?

Minuca Elena reached out and asked an expert roundup of 38 professional landscape designers and received a variety of answers.  Eva’s contribution is below, to read all of the contributions please follow the link to – The Best Landscape Design Ideas For The Backyard.

Everybody’s Backyard is Unique

At Porter Designs we believe everybody’s backyard is unique. What this means is that the best ideas for your space are unique to you. Our 4 top design tips for your backyard are:

1 Include Activities

Think about what activities you would like to do in your backyard and then included areas for these activities to take place. Your activities may include outdoor entertaining, a place to cook food on the BBQ, an area to grow veggies, and a turf area for playing backyard games with the kids.

In our Mount Lofty garden design we have designed an outdoor entertaining area within the garden.

In our Peachester design, we have included an outdoor entertainment area and a Bocce Court.

In our Rangville garden design, we have included a pool, outdoor fire pit, entertainment area, and children’s cubby house.


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Site analysis for a landscape design
2 Conduct a Site Analysis

Think about are there any views to annoying neighbours you would like to block.

Locate your good views, such as the view of mountains on the horizon. During the day notice how the sun moves across your backyard to work out the sunny and shady areas. 

In our How To Design A Garden blog post, we discuss in a little more detail on how to do a site analysis.


3 Pick a Style

Choose a garden theme for your garden; do you like tropical, formal, arid, or cottage gardens? Then keep your design in your chosen style. In our How To Design A Garden blog post, we discuss in a little more detail on garden styles. 

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4 Planting Design

Using your site analysis as your guide pick plants that will thrive in the sunny or shady spots in your garden.

Choose plants of different heights, mix trees, shrubs, and groundcovers together to create an interesting planting design.

 In our How To Design A Garden blog post, we discuss in a little more detail on garden styles


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Creating Your Landscape Design For Your Backyard

Do you need help with landscaping ideas to create a backyard garden that you can relax in at home? Contact us and we can help you on this journey and help you choose a garden theme that you can relax in.