Your garden is your first impression to the world, how does your garden reflect your lifestyle? 

The interior design of your home reflects your style and is an expression of your lifestyle, it’s who you are on the ‘inside’. The landscape surrounding your home is your exterior appearance, it’s the first impression of you for visitors and the only one for passersby. Everybody sees it and how does your garden reflect your lifestyle? 

First impressions are essential. Is your garden a neglected mess or is it a boring paddock of turf? Worse still what does this say about you?  If your home is stylish on the inside, you just wouldn’t dare make it look sloppy on the outside. Your garden needs to reflect your lifestyle.

When you design a garden that reflects your lifestyle it can make you look incredible and feel great.

I’ve picked  6 different lifestyles to share a little insight into how your garden reflects your lifestyle.

1. The Social Lifestyle

You are an outgoing individual who loves to be busy and productive. Activities may like to do are exercising daily, networking like a demon, and spend time socialising with friends and family.

How your garden reflects your lifestyle? The perfect garden design that would reflect your lifestyle would be the Entertainers Dream Garden.

This garden design is a destination to have fun.  It may include a beautiful pool, cosy fire pit, a stunning outdoor kitchen with a bbq and sneaky bar fridge under the bench, a lounge area and dining setting.

Planting design within this garden is spectacular so you can show it off to your friends and family! To maintain your garden you have garden angles (maintenance team) visit to keep your garden looking bold. Our landscape design in Mount Mee has a perfect outdoor entertainment area.

pool landscape design outdoor entertainment
2. The Bohemian Lifestlye

You are an artistic, spiritual, and musical individual.  Activities you like to do are traveling, spending time with friends, and practicing your creative skills. Embracing the unordinary and making friends is something you love to enjoy.

How your garden reflects your lifestyle? The perfect garden design that would reflect your lifestyle would be a Rambling and Quirky Garden.

This garden could be any type of garden theme (tropical, cottage etc.) as long as the garden is allowed to ramble. In contrast formal gardens are not your cup of tea. Keep in mind to install an irrigation system, this way when you come back from your overseas adventures your garden will look beautiful.

Things to include in your garden are seating areas in the shade and quirky garden decors such as pretty cushions and fairy lights. Create garden rooms within your garden so that you get a sense of discovery walking through your garden.

Take a look at our Mount Lofty Design for some inspiration.

Northgate brisbane residential garden design
Albany creek residential tropical garden
3.  The Nomadic Lifestyle

You are an individual who is constantly on the move from one place to another. The thrill of adventure and experiencing new things is one of your passions.

How your garden reflects your lifestyle? The perfect garden is one of two options. A Garden You Create For Yourself And Others to enjoy or a Potted Garden.

Does the first option sound more like you? You enjoy the process of creating a garden and leaving a legacy for the next occupant to enjoy. The design theme you choose is important as it needs to be quick growing for you to enjoy.  A quick-growing garden theme is a tropical garden for southeast Queensland.

If you are the second one, you often pick up plants at nurseries or plant fairs that grab your attention.  Often you become attached to your plants and will take them with you when you move on to your next destination. In the event where you can’t keep your potted love one you either gift it to a friend or ask someone to babysit it for you.

Either way, you will adore investing in a very comfortable small lounge chair, so you can sit back within your garden. 

4. The Rural Lifestyle

You are a down to earth individual, love caring for animals, enjoy nature and take interest in growing your own produce.

How your garden reflects your lifestyle? The perfect garden design would be a garden with a mix of Large Open Spaces and Intermittent Garden Rooms.

This garden is practical for your kitchen garden and animal keeping needs. and fenced areas for your favourite animals.  Your garden is beautiful with a theme that is either country, meadow, native, or Mediterranean themed.

Take note of where your breezes are, place a seating nook in that spot and grow a shade tree if need be to create shade.  Grow some native plants in your garden that attract native birds.  Find a spot to grow some veggies and if you have room place a chicken coop in your garden.

Take a look at our Peachester garden design for some inspiration.

country meadow garden
5. The Active Lifestyle

You enjoy keeping fit, healthy eating and relaxing in nature.

How your garden reflects your lifestyle? Your perfect garden for your lifestyle is a Relaxing Edible Garden.

This garden is fun and relaxing to spend time in.  If you enjoy swimming place a pool in the garden and if you meditate include quite seating nooks. Grow edible plants in your garden such as a veggie patch, fruit and nut trees and exotic unusual fruits.

The garden you create will be a place for you to rest.  It will also be a place for you to enjoy a hobby of growing your own produce. There is nothing like the taste of fresh and organic food! 

how your garden reflects your lifestyle
how your garden reflects your lifestyle
6. The Solo Lifestyle

You live solo, are independent, learned how to entertain yourself and enjoy spending time with family and friends. It is likely that you will identify with being one of the other lifestyles mentioned as well. How fun to blend lifestyles together!

How your garden reflects your lifestyle? Your perfect garden as a solo lifestyle is a Garden Designed For Your Interests so it gives you much joy to spend quality time within it.

It is important to think about what you enjoy doing and then create a garden to include these activities.

For example, you might enjoy reading, include an area for comfortable seating in a shady spot. If you enjoy cooking, design a kitchen garden to grow your own produce, you can use your extra produce to gift to friends. Love entertaining with large groups of friends, make sure to include an entertaining area like the Active Lifestyle.  Prefer to entertain with one or two people, include cosy comfortable seating nooks within your garden design.

When you have a stunning garden you will take much joy at watching your garden grow and looking after your plants.  Take a look at our Newport garden design for some inspiration.

Creating your landscape design

Do you need help with landscaping ideas to create a garden that you can relax in at home? Contact us and we can help you on this journey and help you choose a garden theme that you can relax in.