Dirranbandi Master Plan

Everything is fine and dandy in Dirranbandi, designing with the local community to create a parkland.

River & Rail Precinct


Porter Designs and Zen Landscaping Queensland held design workshops with the Dirranbandi Arts Council and the local community to design a landscape master plan for the River and Rail precinct.  This plan will guide future works to preserve, promote and rejuvenate Dirranbandi’s Rail and River precinct. It aims to provide an appropriate balance between the recreational, environmental, historical, tourism, economic development and commercial aspirations of the local community and visitors.  The master plan helps Dirranbandi know how to use their parkland and streetscape to become a feature destination for the Balonne Shire. 

In the heart of town was the railway station.  The railway line was damaged after the 2011 floods and the line to Dirranbandi was decommissioned.  This effected the town as the railway infrastructure and grounds were decaying in the heart of town creating a sad and sorry town image.  The local people gathered together and decided to turn the railway grounds into a parkland.  We held design workshops with the local community to help them create their master plan.  The locals identified the assets and negative traits of the precinct. This drove the design to re purpose the assets in the space and to find solutions for the negative traits.  We used the assets of the town such as existing railway buildings and transformed them into flexible event spaces.

The aim of the precinct is to create a place for locals to meet and a place for tourists to stop and hear the stories of Dirranbandi and spend quality time in the town.

Photography with watermark by Laura K Photography

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