Charleville Park Master Plan

Rejuvenating the entrance parkland of Charleville.

Graham Andrews Park


Welcome to our project page showcasing the stunning Graham Andrews Parkland, a collaboration between Porter Designs, Zen Landscaping Queensland, and the Murweh Regional Council. As a landscape design project, the aim was to create a unique entrance statement for Charleville, as well as a recreational destination for both locals and tourists.

Our team worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life, utilizing the natural beauty of the area to create a stunning design. Our landscape architect worked closely with the local council and community to ensure the parkland met the needs and desires of everyone involved.

The landscaping ideas for the parkland centered around the creation of a beautiful lake, which became the main feature and focal point of the design. We used the lake to frame and wrap around the landscape, creating a natural flow throughout the parkland. A walkway was created to allow visitors to fully enjoy the beauty of the lake and the cooling breezes that sweep across the water.

To enhance the recreational aspect of the parkland, we placed picnic areas close to the lake, allowing visitors to enjoy the breathtaking view while they relax and take in the scenery. Shade trees were also incorporated into the design to provide relief from the sun, adding to the overall comfort and beauty of the open spaces and pathways.

Overall, we are incredibly proud of the final result of this project, and we hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures of the stunning Graham Andrews Parkland.


Concept Plan

Concept Perspective

Sketch Design During Consultation With Council

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