AILDM Board Members – Life in Landscape Design and role since Covid-19 Changes

Let us Introduce two of our Board members from Queensland, Paul Stein and Eva Porter.  We asked about their life in landscape design; their role with AILDM, especially since Covid-19 changes and restrictions; the continuing relevance of our industry and AILDM; and the future – here are their responses.

This post first appeared in LO Landscape Outlook Magazine – Journal of The Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers

Author: Eva Porter and Louise McDaid (Editor)

Eva Porter

I’m the director of my own landscape architecture studio, Porter Designs.  I believe practicing as a landscape architect is about benefiting you and our community by design and contribution. This is why I eagerly accepted the role as a director for AILDM; to contribute to the landscape industry and help us all progress.

I have been operating my business for 6.5 years, winning many business awards, and I’m excited to share my skills as I work with the AILDM board to further strategically develop our association.  My director roles on the AILDM Board are to oversee Queensland events and national publications.  I have loved planning these events and developing AILDM’s new flyers – Guide for Property Owners and Join AILDM.    


“AILDM has great importance and relevance to the landscape industry.  It is the only nationwide industry group for landscape design professionals, connecting designers together.”


Eva Porter Landscape architect

I joined the Board about six months before Covid-19 began to make a global impact.  This has changed my role for Queensland event significantly, postponing all our planned events from April on wards.  I responded immediately by taking our monthly round-table meetings online, which has been fantastic for our Queensland members to meet and continue our valuable conversations.  It is from our online meetings that we listened to our members’ requests for online webinars.  Our planned Queensland webinars for the next few months will address our members’ biggest need during this Covid-19 climate – business education.

AILDM has great importance and relevance to the landscape industry.  It is the only nationwide industry group for landscape design professionals, connecting designers together.  We must not forget that AILDM isn’t just a name; we as members are what makes AILDM.  Our association is a tool members can use to make impact in government, connect with suppliers and educate our country about what we do as landscape designers.  There are many fantastic ways that you can use AILDM as your connection tool.

As an AILDM board member I am looking forward to listening to members to find out what their needs are and to help them.  I am very passionalte to help grow our association in a way that meets your needs.  Help the Board make AILDM even greater by joining us, either as a Board or committee member.  You can find out more about these roles by contacting your state Board member. 


To read the full story please follow the link to AILDM Landscape Outlook to purchase a copy of the magazine.


Eva Porter

Eva Porter is the founder and director of Porter Designs a landscape architecture design studio. She has a bachelor of design with honours, majoring in Landscape Architecture. Eva is a Registered Landscape Architect with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). She is also a director on the national board of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers & Managers (AILDM), helping to shape the industry nationally. Eva is also an award winning entrepreneur locally and regionally.

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